Episode 111 – The Return of Don

Been a little while since we have done a show, but you know how it is.We invited host emeritus Don back and along with Frank, Noam and Neil we talked about what Don has been up to the last couple years, the best and worst movies of 2016, and all the people who died in 2016 (this was an exceptionally bad year for influential people to make it thru).

We ended the show with Carrie Fisher roasting George Lucas, and am interview with John Glenn from about 5 years ago.

Episode 107 – Gersh Kuntzman Cries During Sex

This is a special crossover show with RadioFUBAR. Ben and Noam couldn’t make it for the next couple weeks, so we invited Pete to join Frank and Neil, and we talked a lot about guns. ¬†Frank tries to dispel some myths about so-called “assault rifles,” and he also puts forth what he thinks would be ACTUAL common-sense law changes to assist in the mass shooter problem (and yes, it is a mass shooter problem, not a gun problem).

After that, we loosen up a little, and talk about Brexit, and how people are over blowing it a little.

We closed by going BACK to the AR-15, and an article posted by Gersh Kuntzman of the New York Daily News, and how he claims to have suffered PTSD from firing an AR-15.


Episode 104 – We’re BACK!

That’s right, everyone… after a little over 9 months on hiatus, we’re BACK! Just download the show and listen. Do it now, MOVE!