Episode 107 – Gersh Kuntzman Cries During Sex

This is a special crossover show with RadioFUBAR. Ben and Noam couldn’t make it for the next couple weeks, so we invited Pete to join Frank and Neil, and we talked a lot about guns. ¬†Frank tries to dispel some myths about so-called “assault rifles,” and he also puts forth what he thinks would be ACTUAL common-sense law changes to assist in the mass shooter problem (and yes, it is a mass shooter problem, not a gun problem).

After that, we loosen up a little, and talk about Brexit, and how people are over blowing it a little.

We closed by going BACK to the AR-15, and an article posted by Gersh Kuntzman of the New York Daily News, and how he claims to have suffered PTSD from firing an AR-15.